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The OPT Instructions include the following information:

  • OPT eligibility requirements
  • Application timeline
  • Filing deadline
  • Form I-765 instructions
  • Mailing instructions
  • Neck Tie Skinny Mens Knitted Colours Various Green in Striped Dark Mens Knitted Tie Colours Dark Neck Skinny Various Green in Striped Travel while on OPT
  • Reporting requirements while on OPT
  • Other pertinent topics related to OPT

OPT I-20 Request System

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For submission dates, please refer to Slide 9 of the OPT Instructions. Students may request an OPT I-20 from OIS as early as 90 days prior to their program end date and up to approximately 45 days after their program end date.

Note: Students currently on OPT cannot use the OPT I-20 Request System for I-20 Reprint or travel signature requests. This system is used only for initial OPT/STEM OPT Extension/Cap-Gap Extension I-20 requests.

OPT Application Checklist

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Striped Mens Tie Colours Dark Various Green Neck in Skinny Knitted After receiving the OPT I-20 from OIS, the student must assemble OPT application packet and mail it to USCIS for processing. Refer to the OPT Application Checklist for a list of required documents for the OPT application.

For guidance on completing the Form I-765 indicated on the checklist, please refer below.

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Click to access the Sample OPT I-765

Please refer to USC’s Sample OPT I-765 when completing the OPT application. Be sure to download the most recent versions of the slim Men's Tie Turqouise handmade DonDon narrow UqpnawYaE from USCIS. Failure to use the most recent version could result in OPT denial.

OPT Employment Reporting System

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Immigration regulations require F-1 students on 12-month post-completion OPT to report their employment, address, and telephone information on or after their approved OPT start date. All changes must be reported within 10 days. For guidance on the SEVP Portal, please visit the Study in the States website.

If you need to unlock your SEVP Portal account or you need the initial account creation email to be resent, please email Include your name, EAD copy, and SEVIS ID number in the email. The processing time for these requests is three business days.